After the new  dimension of the module we reorganise the tasks and assigned new roles. Therefore, I was responsible to create the website of the fashion space. Although I haven’t done any other website before, I was willing to learn how to make a website and organise its content. I researched different platforms where someone can create a website and I found that the best one is Wix, which is the one that  used to make it. I tried to make it as  visual as I could in order to display the garments of the designers   . I used a friendly  tone so that the text will be engaging with the audience. After the group meeting with the tutors and the feedback that they gave us  for the website, I made some corrections and changes in order to make the website more interactive. Although, it was the first time I designed a website I was really satisfied with the result and I am really glad that the rest of team were happy with the work I have done.


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