To begin with, we made a first shoot in the studio which actually worked as a test shoot to figure out how an actual shoot works since none of us had done anything similar before. Although, we organized the shoot at the last moment I think  we manage to do it quit effectively. I worked closely with the other stylist and the creative direction planning the outfits ,gathering the clothes and finding model positions .  Before the shoot we created a general moodboard and several styling boards in order to visualise our ideas on cloth combinations, outfits and positions. The day of the shoot we worked  closely with Phoebe, doing  the fitting of the clothes on the models  finding the right prompts and creating  the set.  I found really effective the shoot as it mainly helped us familiarise with each other and the way that each of us work but also guide us on planning outfits and positions for the following shoots. Overall, we were all satisfied from the shoot as on the one hand we made the first pictures for our magazine but also it helped us learn things about organizing effectively  our future shoots. A lesson that  I learned from our first shoot was to be always prepared with a “backup” outfit to replace an outfit that might gets damaged or  doesn’t look right.


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