On the 10 of November I visited Fashion & Textile museum in London that hosted an exhibtion called  “Night& Day” during 1930s. It was about the fashion and photography of the period. As a perIod of design the 1930s saw of the excess of the Jass Age and the utilitarianism of World War II. That period was about hard-edged chic silhouettes inspired by Art Deco and Modern style.  The exhibton displayed pictures and outfits of celebrities of that era like Elinor Glyn and Fay Compton. I really liked the style of that period which ws all about velvet,sequins,lame excessive dresses combined with elegant accessories like umbrellas and hats. Moreover, during that time Vogue Magazine was a great source of inspration but meanwhile a birth of new variety of women’s magazine aimed at a different class of readers. I really liked the display of the covers of the new pioneering of the time magazines.

                                            Personal photographs by the author from the exhibition.


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