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LET’S CELEBRATE: Our blog “Productive Urban Landscapes” turned 100!

Dear colleagues, friends and followers,

Whilst we all were away on summer vacation,
the Productive Urban Landscapes blog turned 100!
This is, it turned out 100 news posts since its inauguration.

To mark the occasion and celebrate,
we give away 5 goodie bags with treasures from our work
to the first 5 respondents
who send in an answer to the following question
What is a productive urban landscape?

Answers can be found on the blog,
but you are also entirely welcome to compose your own.

Please do send your answers by email to: or or
post them on the blog as a comment via “News”.

Deadline of submission: 30th September 2020

Amongst all entries,
we will select the best ones for an own little news post
to be published on the blog.

Please note:
The goodie bags will be send out by post.
We therefore need a name and full postal address with your submission.
All names and full postal addresses will be deleted at the end of this action.


With our best regards and wishes for your good health,

Andre and Katrin

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Katrin Bohn • 11th September 2020

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