Productive Urban Landscapes

Research and practice around the CPUL design concept


About this blog

The blog was set up in 2018 by Dong Chu (Harbin Commercial University, China), Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen (then both University of Brighton, UK) to improve debates and joint research between academics and practitioners in China, the UK and across the world. It continues earlier websites hosted at this university on the subject of Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes.
The idea for the blog was born in Brighton where Dong, André and Katrin were engaged in debates about food-productive landscapes in urban and peri-urban settings and noticed that the knowledge needed to lead these debates quickly became very detailed and difficult to access, the deeper we entered into discussion. We wanted ‘a repository to better record current information and experiences, accessible to everyone and from everywhere’

Please do join us to discuss any aspect of Productive Urban Landscapes.

With our best regards,

Katrin Bohn, Dong Chu and André Viljoen

Prof. André Viljoen is a leading figure researching the architectural and urban design consequences of sustainable urban food systems. An architect, researcher and teacher in sustainability and urban design, André’s work engages locally and internationally with artists, designers, architects, policy and communities.

Katrin Bohn explores sustainable architecture and urban design with a focus on urban food production. Much of her design research deals with the relationships between urban space and food-productive urban landscape and bridges the gaps between environmental design thinking, urban space production and sustainable lifestyles.

Dr. Dong Chu is a teacher and researcher in urban landscape design, mainly engaged in the agricultural landscape design. Dong’s research bases on the landscape ecology, landscape aesthetics and agricultural society of China, in order to build sustainable agricultural landscape according to different cultural backgrounds.


* For translations, this blog is using the free online service of DeepL.

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