Productive Urban Landscapes

Research and practice around the CPUL design concept


CPUL work

This site aims to further the design, research and practice of productive urban landscapes by providing ‘a growing repository of writings, projects, links and events’ that have a connection to productive urban landscapes in general and to the CPUL concept in particular. On this page, we give an overview of CPUL work by the blog’s authors Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen. For details, please follow the links included.


Practice-based projects
Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen, with the University of Brighton, their practice Bohn&Viljoen Architects and/or other collaborators have developed, tested and applied the CPUL concept in diverse contexts.



CPUL exhibitions / CPUL in exhibitions
From the start of their work to this day, Bohn&Viljoen have widely exhibited their explorations, experiments, thoughts and design proposals.



Publications and presentations
André Viljoen and Katrin Bohn have published and presented their work on productive urban landscapes, the CPUL design concept and the CPUL City vision to audiences worldwide.




CPUL in teaching
Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen are teaching architecture with a focus on productive urban landscapes. Most teaching happens/ed at the University of Brighton but we also lecture in institutions worldwide.

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