Productive Urban Landscapes

Research and practice around the CPUL design concept

Architect’s drawing of what inside a Buzz Building would look like. (Source: Belatchew Arkitekter, 2022)

Buzz Buildings insect farms, Sweden

Belatchew Architects of Sweden are pioneering the design of alternative food solution urban farms, what they call ‘Buzz Buildings’. Buzz Buildings, at the moment still a design proposal, would be insect farms for the purpose of consumption that are positioned on Stockholm’s major roundabouts. If nine of these urban farms were in operation, it could…

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Entrance to market area with peoplpe walking around. (Source: Odlande stadsbasarer www 2022)

Högdalen Farm, Sweden

In the southern suburb of Högdalen, Stockholm beneath a shopping centre, you can find a high-technology farming space. Fresh herbs and lettuce are being grown in this underground farm as part of the innovation project Odlande stadsbasarer (Growing City Bazaars). Connected through the vision of a sustainable, employment-creating urban development cities, organizations and companies work…

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