Productive Urban Landscapes

Research and practice around the CPUL design concept



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Logo of AESOP   AESOP Sustainable Food Planning Group, Europe
The Sustainable Food Planning Group was set up in 2009 within AESOP, the Association of European Schools of Planning. André Viljoen was part of the first conference in Almere, The Netherlands, and both, André and Katrin, have been involved ever since.

Logo of AG Stadt&Ernährung AG Stadt & Ernährung Berlin, Germany
The Working Group City & Food Berlin has been co- set up by Katrin Bohn in 2014 to initiate discussions and actions in the German capital with the aim to improve on sustainable food provision and build a resiliant urban food system.

Logo of Essbares Andernach City of Andernach, Germany
Andernach, a town on the River Rhein in the West of Germany, is Germany’s first ‘Edible City’. According to the town’s planning department, back in 2005, Bohn&Viljoen’s CPUL book was one of the inspirations for Andernach to embark on its pionieering work.

Logo of anstiftung anstiftung, Germany
The Foundation anstiftung carries out research into commons, do-it-yourself and sustainable regionalisation. Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen have worked with them repeatedly since 2010 on subjects around urban agriculture and community gardening.

Logo of School of Architecture & Design   architecture & interior architecture @ University of Brighton, GB
Our Productive Urban Landscape research sits within the School of Architecture and Design at the University of Brighton where André Viljoen and Katrin Bohn also teach within the BA Architecture and MA Architecture courses.

Logo of Berlin City of Berlin, Germany
The German capital is known for its diverse open spaces. Since 2010, Katrin has collaborated with the Senate of Berlin and some of Berlin’s boroughs to explore and implement projects on food system issues and Productive Urban Landscapes.

Logo of Bohn&Viljoen Architects   Bohn&Viljoen Architects, Great Britain
This small London-based architectural practice and environmental consultancy was set up by André Viljoen and Katrin Bohn in 1998. It now operates from London and Berlin and also engages in work on CPUL and CPUL City.

Logo of BOKU Wien BOKU Wien, Austria
The University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien) is dedicated to teaching and researching the sustainability and management of natural resources. We work with some of its academics since 2018.

Logo of Brighton & Hove City Council  Brighton & Hove City Council, Great Britain
Since  about 2002, Bohn&Viljoen, mainly via the University of Brighton, are collaborating especially with the planning, building and environment departments of this local council on  various projects that concern sustainable urban space production.

Logo of Brighton & Hove Food Partnership  Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, Great Britain
This charity is at the forefront of urban food systems work worldwide. André Viljoen and Katrin Bohn have been collaborating with them since 2008, on the one hand on Brighton-based food projects and on the other on productive urban landscapes.

Logo of Carrot City The Carrot City Initiative, Canada
Set up by Joe Nasr, June Komisar and Mark Gorgolewski in 2009, this travelling exhibition and online database on designing for urban agriculture took its name from Bohn&Viljoen’s CPUL work. It is one of the largest case study collection on the subject.

Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics @ UoB, Great Britain
André and Katrin are members of SECP at the University of Brighton, a network undertaking interdisciplinary research to address global and planetary challenges such as climate change, human migration, social inequalities and resource access or depletion.

Logo of TU Berlin   Department of City & Nutrition @ Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Between 2010 and 2014, Katrin Bohn set up and ran the Fachgebiet Stadt & Ernährung at the Technische Universität Berlin. This was the first teaching/research unit in Germany to explicitely deal with urban food systems and urban agriculture.

Nevin Cohen, CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute, United States of America
Nevin Cohen is Associate Professor at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School of Public Health and Research Director of CUNY’s Urban Food Policy Institute. André and Katrin share research projects and findings with him since about 2010.

Logo of COST Action  European Cooperation in Science and Technology, Europe
COST Action networks bring together researchers and innovators from across Europe. Since 2018, André and Katrin are involved in a network that focuses on circular cities. Prior to this, they contributed to networks on urban agriculture and allotment gardening.

Design for Circular Cities & Regions Research and Enterprise Group, Great Britain
André and Katrin are founding members of this University-of-Brighton-based group. It explores how design practices can be utilised in research to achieve more engaging places to inhabit; places that draw on ideas of a publicly managed circular economy.

Ferne Edwards, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia
Dr. Ferne Edwards is a cultural anthropologist with extensive international research experience in sustainable cities, food systems and social change. Katrin started cooperating with Ferne in 2017 on participatory design research projects around food.

Logo of EFUA European Forum on Urban Agriculture, Europe
The European Forum on Urban Agriculture (EFUA) develops new levels of stakeholder engagement to inform decision making and to mainstream urban agriculture into European, regional and local policy. Katrin is an elected member of its innovation board.

Logo of Ernährungsrat Berlin  Food Policy Council of Berlin, Germany
The Ernährungsrat Berlin [Food Policy Council Berlin] campaigns for sustainable food, nutrition and agriculture politics in the Berlin region. It was initiated in 2014 and officially launched in 2016. Katrin Bohn is one of its five co-initiators.

Logo of Global Generation  Global Generation, Great Britain
This educational charity is one of London’s urban agriculture pioneers, and Katrin and André have worked with them as far back as 2008. Founded in 2004, it uses land-based activities to support building community between each other and the natural world.

Logo of Hadlow College  Hadlow College, Great Britain
Hadlow College is a land-based agricultural college near Brighton. Since 2009, André Viljoen and Katrin Bohn have worked repeatedly with Hadlow’s staff and students on research and installation projects.

Logo of Heidelberg  City of Heidelberg, Germany
With its International Building Exhibition (IBA), Germany’s oldest university town is at the forefront of implementing citizen-led urban regeneration projects. Katrin contributes to this process since 2015, both as designer and consultant.

Logo of IBA Heidelberg  IBA Heidelberg, Germany
Under the motto »knowledge-based urbanism«, the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Heidelberg implements architectural and urbanistic projects in Heidelberg for the knowledge society of the future. Katrin has worked with them on two projects since 2015.

Logo of ICRA Institut Català de Recerca de l’Aigua, Spain
The Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) is an international reference point that focuses on research and knowledge transfer of the integral water cycle. Via the University of Brighton, we engage in joint research projects since about 2016.

Logo of International Garden Cities Institute  The International Garden Cities Institute, Great Britain
This institute brings together knowledge on the hundreds of Garden Cities and planned settlements across the world and acts as a resource centre on their legacy and future. Bohn&Viljoen are collaborating on UK-based projects and research since 2016.

Logo of KlimaWerkstatt Spandau  KlimaWerkstatt Spandau, Germany
The council-led “climate workshop” is a contact point for citizens, environmental initiatives and the regional economy in the Berlin borough of Spandau. Katrin, with the AG Stadt & Ernährung, supports the co-creation of some of its projects since 2015.

Logo of Ryerson University  June Komisar, Ryerson University Toronto, Canada
Prof. June Komisar is a registered architect and Associate Professor in the Department of Architectural Science. She researches and teaches urban agriculture issues at the interface with architecture, and we share projects since about 2006.

Elke Krasny, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria
Prof. Elke Krasny is a curator, cultural theorist, urban researcher and writer whose work is rooted in socially engaged art and spatial practices. Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen contributed CPUL work to her exhibition Hands-On Urbanism 1850-1912.

Logo of FG Landschaftsarchitektur  Landscape Architecture . Open Space Planning @ TU Berlin, Germany
During her guest professorship at the ILAUP, Technische Universität Berlin, from 2010 to 14, Katrin Bohn collaborated most closely with this department run by landscape architect Prof. Undine Giseke. The collaboration still continues.

Logo of Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation  Letchworth Garden City, Great Britain
The city’s Heritage Foundation is a place-based foundation with a vision to make the world’s first Garden City a great place for everyone to live, work and visit. Via the University of Brighton, André and Katrin collaborate with it since about 2014.

Logo of London Metropolitan University  London Metropolitan University, Great Britain
London Met is a research institution with strong educational roots in North London. In the 1990ies, André Viljoen and (later) Katrin Bohn have taught sustainable architecture and urban design within its architecture school.

Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen, Allmende-Kontor Berlin, Germany
Katrin’s and André’s cooperation with Dr. Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen began in 2010. Elisabeth is a freelance researcher, activist, author and journalist living in Berlin. She works as a consultant in the field of urban agriculture and community gardening.

Kevin Morgan, Cardiff University, Great Britain
Kevin Morgan is Professor of Governance and Development at the University’s School of Geography & Planning and an internationally recognised urban food system pioneer. We are working with him on dissemination projects and publications since a long time.

Logo of Museum of Walking  Museum of Walking, Great Britain
The museum is a showpiece for events around walking bringing it together with art and creativity. It has been set up in 2007 by Andrew Stuck with whom Bohn&Viljoen collaborated on London-based events engaging urban landscape in novel ways.

Logo of Ryerson University Joe Nasr, Toronto Urban Growers, Canada
Joe is an independent scholar, lecturer and consultant who has been exploring urban agriculture and food security issues for a long time. He is co-author of the seminal book Urban Agriculture. André and Katrin are collaborating with him since around 2006.

Logo of Prinzessinnengärten  Prinzessinnengarten Kreuzberg Berlin, Germany
One of Berlin’s most prolific community gardens, Prinzessinnengarten exists since 2009. Its founders quote the CPUL book as one of their influences. Since 2010, Katrin has worked repeatedly with team members of the garden, mainly on Berlin-based projects.

Logo of ResearchGate  ResearchGate, International
André Viljoen and Katrin Bohn list some of their writings and projects on ResearchGate, a commercial social network and database on the Internet for researchers from all areas of science, which is also used as a document server for publications.

Logo of RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects, Great Britain
The RIBA is a global professional membership body driving excellence in architecture with its headquarter in London. It is the place where the CPUL book was launched early in 2005 and has engaged with our work on productive urban landscapes since the early 2000s.

Logo of RUAF  RUAF, The Netherlands
RUAF is a global partnership on sustainable urban agriculture and food systems. Bohn&Viljoen are in contact with this NGO ever since we published in one of RUAF’s early Urban Agriculture Magazines in 2005.

Logo of RWTH Aachen RWTH Institute and Chair of Landscape Architecture, Germany
Since about 2010, Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen exchange design research ideas and concepts with Prof. Dr. Frank Lohrberg and Dr. Axel Timpe and their team from the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen.

Logo of Speiseräume  Speiserä, Germany
The blog Speiseräume: Stadt & Ernährung is the German-language magazine on local food policy and urban food planning. It is a project by urban planner Dr. Philipp Stierand with whom André and Katrin exchange knowledge since about 2010.

Logo of Spiel/Feld Marzahn e.V.  Spiel/Feld Marzahn, Germany
Award-winning community garden in the heart of Berlin borough of Marzahn-Hellersdorf that was co-set up in 2011 by Katrin Bohn during her guest professorship at TU Berlin. Katrin is still a member of the resident-gardeners’ association.

Carolyn Steel, London, Great Britain
Carolyn Steel is a London-based architect, academic and writer and a leading thinker on food and cities, perhaps best known for her acclaimed book Hungry Cities. Bohn&Viljoen have discussed urban food and urban design issues with Carolyn since about 2005.

Logo of HCU Hamburg  Antje Stokman, HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany
Prof. Antje Stokman is a landscape architect. In her research, teaching and practice, she deals with issues of climate-adapted transformation of buildings, water bodies and infrastructure. Katrin collaborates with her on projects in Germany since about 2017.

Logo of Sustain  Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming, Great Britain
Sustain advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance health, welfare and the working and living environment. We collaborate with the charity since more than 10 years, f.e. on the UK’s first public urban agriculture conference in 2007.

Logo of Sustainable Food Places Sustainable Food Places Network, Great Britain
This UK-based initiative helps people and places share challenges, explore practical solutions and develop best practice on key food issues. It was co-founded by Clare Devereux with whom André and Katrin collaborate since about 2007.

Mikey Tomkins, Edible Urban, Great Britain
Fine artist and architect Dr Mikey Tomkins works across academic research and art practices within the field of urban agriculture, both as theory and practice. Bohn&Viljoen are sharing projects and ideas with Mikey since about 2007.

Logo of Master's Urban Management  Master’s Urban Management Program @ TU Berlin, Germany
This international course for practitioners is run by landscape planner Dr. Bettina Hamann. Katrin cooperates with the Masters’ in Urban Management since many years both, as a lecturer and as supervisor of some of the course’s Master’s thesis projects.

Logo of Urbaniahoeve  Urbaniahoeve, The Netherlands
Urbaniahoeve Social Design Lab voor Stadslandbouw [Social Design Lab for Urban Agriculture] pursues artist-initiated urban regeneration and is led by artist Debra Solomon. Bohn&Viljoen cooperate with Urbaniahoeve since 2005.

Logo of Verzone Woods Architectes  Verzone Woods Architectes, Switzerland
Set up by Cristina Woods and Craig Verzone, this multidisciplinary office works on landscape, urban planning and architecture projects. Andre and Katrin collaborate(d) with them on several European projects on productive urban landscapes.

Johannes Wiskerke, Wageningen University, The Netherlands JSC (Han) Wiskerke is Professor and Chair of Rural Sociology focussing on the dynamics of multifuntional agriculture and of alternative food networks and their impact on rural and regional development. We are working with him since about 2008.

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