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Explaining the components of the EdiCitNetToolbox (source: Katrin Bohn 2020)

First presentation of an online toolbox for edible cities

Last week saw the first webinar about the EdiCitnet Toolbox web interface, one of two pillars of the EdiCitNet Toolbox, an online platform aimed ‘to promote knowledge sharing, networking and learning among people involved or willing to get involved with food-related initiatives’. The development of the toolbox is being led by the Catalan Institute for Water Research, Spain, and the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, as part of the European innovation action project EdiCitNet. Andre Viljoen and Katrin Bohn have been working in the team since it started in early 2019.

The EdiCitNet Toolbox is a multifunctional and interactive website aimed at supporting public and private actors in making decisions about the planning, implementing, managing and networking of urban food initiatives and programmes. It contains a public online collection of diverse “edible city solutions (ECS)” as well as information on ECS performance assessment and ECS design and planning.

Katrin and Andre have been contributing to the conceptual development of the website, its research questionnaire and its database of exemplary and comparable online platforms on urban food.

The final toolbox will form part of the legacy of the EdiCitNet project which runs for 5 years until the autumn of 2023 and is being funded by the EU under their Horizon 2020 programme call group “Smart and Sustainable Cities”. The project brings together 10 international cities – Andernach, Berlin, Carthage, Montevideo, Letchworth, Lomé, Oslo, Rotterdam, Sant Feliu de Llobregat and Sempeter pri Gorici – who jointly explore possibilities and viabilities of food-focused nature-based solutions (NBS).


For a draft version of the EdiCitNet Toolbox see here.

For more information on the EdiCitNet project see here.

Image: Explaining the components of the EdiCitNetToolbox (source: Katrin Bohn 2020)

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Katrin Bohn • 7th September 2020

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