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Professor Uma Kothari, chair of the conference, introduces the theme of this year’s event. (source: RGS www 2020)

Joint abstract accepted for the Annual International RGS Conference

It is our pleasure to announce that our joint abstract, submitted to the Annual International Conference organised by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) with IBG under the theme Borders, borderlands and bordering has been accepted.

Our joint paper by Ferne Edwards (RMIT), Katrin Bohn (UoB) and André Viljoen (UoB) is part of the panel Food Urbanism. Landscapes of exchange, interaction, and attachment, a session sponsored by the RGS’ Food Geographies Working Group and convened by Claudia Rojas Bernal (University of Sheffield, UK) and Monica Rivera Munoz (Programa Urban Andes, Peru). This panel was seeking submissions to the following theme:

In recent decades, landscape has taken a central role in territorial planning and design. Landscape urbanism has focused on blurring artificial and natural environments challenging traditional concepts of city, periphery, urban or rural and addressing urgent environmental challenges. Through a range of theoretical and empirical studies, scholars have highlighted the interconnectedness of supply systems (water, food, energy) and urban areas, the ecological impacts of industrial, agro-industrial and post-industrial production systems and the configuration of new types of urbanity. This panel seeks to interrogate the interplay between cultural practices and food production and consumption. We seek to draw attention to the tensions between global processes and local landscapes. We aim to explore how landscapes of food (peri-urban agricultural land, allotments, high streets, markets) constitute not only territories of resources exchange but also territories of resistance and tradition as much as of innovation and construction of renewed identities. We invite papers that draw on mapping methods and story-telling to visualize and analyse the ways in which the interplays between food and urbanism create boundaries, and borders in urban and peri-urban areas at multiple scales.

The three- day conference will be held from Tuesday 1st September 2020 to Friday 4th September 2020 at the Society in London, Great Britain. Details on the conference program will be announced in May.

For details of the conference see here.

Fore more information on the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) see here.

Image: Professor Uma Kothari, chair of the conference, introduces the theme of this year’s event. (source: RGS www 2020)

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Katrin Bohn • 24th February 2020

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