Productive Urban Landscapes

Research and practice around the CPUL design concept

CPUL research in China

Research on Urban Productive Landscape Practices,
Wang, K., Wang, Z. and Wang, Z. (2014)

Based on the urban landscape situation in China, the article puts forward bringing food planting back to people’s daily life. It focuses on productive urban landscapes (here translated as ‘urban productive landscape’), which reflects agricultural production, current urban lifestyles, environmental quality. After analysing the problems in the process of implementations, the paper proposes corresponding solutions.

Firstly, it believes that urban productive landscape plays an important role in easing land crisis and obtaining economic benefits by an example of edible roof garden in Chicago, USA.
Secondly, urban productive landscape will provide a healthier lifestyle. People will also be able to participate in or observe the process of food growing by blending it into their life as part of the city.
Thirdly, the paper explores the educational function of productive urban landscapes by two practical projects, one being the Shenyang Architectural University (Rice Campus) and the other the first allotment garden (here translated as ‘schrebergarten’) in China called ‘Little Donkey’.

The paper concludes by proposing 3 measures of urban productive landscape practices for 3 problems encountered in China: government support, technologies and management.

This paper is based on the CPUL concept. One of its references is to the issue “Productive Landscape” of the journal Landscape Architecture China (LAC 2010) and its interviews with six architects, one of them Katrin Bohn. One critisism: despite this paper being published in 2014, it does not contain any specific analysis according to the Chinese productive landscape design situation or addresses any of the problems China is currently facing.


Paper published in the periodical: Advanced Materials Research, vols. 962-965 (2014), pp. 2460-2463.

For further information see ResearchGate.

Image: The Rice Campus at Shenyang Architectural University by Turenscape Landscape Architecture. (source: Turenscape Landscape Architecture www n.d.)

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Dong Chu • 31st December 2018

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