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Map of the Green C. (Source: Freude Joy Joie Bonn 2022)

Green C Project, Germany

The Grünes” C or Green C project, covers almost 4 hectares of area with the aim to protect, connect and enhance open spaces across the municipalities of Alfter, Bonn, Bornheim, Niederkassel, Sankt Augustin and Troisdorf. Beginning as a pilot project in 2005 the Green C project focuses on nature conservation, preservation & development of agriculture and the development of local leisure areas.

The Rhine region has an increasing population growth, which in turn demands further space for settlement and traffic. The Green C project has proposed a way to ensure that as these areas are created, there is a continuous landscape throughout the region which remains protected from development and offers open green spaces for the growing number of inhabitants to enjoy recreational activities.

A concrete station sitting amongst wooded area. (Source: Freude Joy Joie Bonn, www 2022)

Stations will be positioned along the link and will provide information, seating and shelter for users. (Source: Freude Joy Joie Bonn, www 2022)

The open landscapes within the Green C region consist of ‘large [agricultural] fields, orchards and horticulture, old cultural landscapes, nature reserves, rivers and banks, gravel pits, farm roads, motorways and power lines.’ Three nature parks across this region – Rheinland, Siebengebirge and Siegaue – will be connected through the creation of the Link – a pathway system that extends a 61km length. As well as connecting these landscapes it invites people to walk, cycle, run, hike, or skate when visiting the areas. Stations are another element of the Green C project – these will be positioned intermittently along the Link and will offer seating, shelter and information to users.

A tractor sits on a field with a playground in the back ground and a pathway along the edge. (Source: Freude Joy Joie Bonn 2022)

The Buschdorf Rosenfield green corridor includes public pathways amongst agrucultural fields. (Source: Freude Joy Joie Bonn, www 2022)

Sub-projects such as the Green Centre and the renaturing of the Rheidter Werth focus on regenerating the natural landscape to restore or enhance the ecology and biodiversity and offer quiet places for visitors to connect with nature. The Gardens of Nations sub-project is a intercultural community garden with open common spaces which encourage encounters and allow integration between communities over the shared experience of gardening. Another sub-project is the improvement of the Modorf Ferry and building of bridges over the Rhine. The Mondorf Ferry is where the Link begins and by creating more connections over the Rhine the Green C is made more accessible and better connected.

The Rhine river with a pathway alongside and benches. (Source: Freude Joy Joie Bonn, www 2022)

The Rhine will have inproved access across it in order to connect the spaces of the Green C more. (Source: Freude Joy Joie Bonn, www 2022)

The sub-project of the Buschdorf Rosenfield green corridor is perhaps the most reflective of the CPUL concept. The agricultural landscape has been redesigned to include a meadow orchard growing local varieties of fruit, a gymnastics meadow, a playground and outdoor fitness facilities and vegetable patches which can be rented by locals. Many people are attracted to the Buschdorf Rosenfield green corridor because of the colourful fields of flowers the farmers there grow. It serves as a food productive landscape, as a nature reserve, and as an attraction for outdoor activity and play. The landscape of the Buschdorf Rosenfield green corridor has been described by the project website as a ‘mosaic of flower and field landscape’.


For further information see the project’s own website.


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Jasmine Cook • 2nd September 2017

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