Arduino LCD & Ultrasonic Rangefinder

This is the final week and final task of the XE digital fabrication module. The challenge this week was to build on our Arduino knowledge fr [...]

Lounger 17

To have a break from Uni work and work-work I’ve been setting myself some diy projects. One thing I’ve been meaning to do for ag [...]

Adruino Libraries & LCD Display

The task for this week was to find out  how connect and control a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with an Arduino. Connecting an LCD is physic [...]

Arduino Traffic light

First Arduino Assignment After our first Arduino session we were asked to use what we had learnt about loop functions and pin output to make [...]

Kyle’s Arduino Rundown

As some people hadn’t been in the timetabled Arduino intro session it was decided that Kyle ( [...]

Creepy-Peepy Arduino

In my first post about programming Arduinos I used the ‘Blink’ program to make an external LED flash. As it’s lockdown an [...]

Centering Embedded Video

I just found a way to centre an embedded video in a post (see here for info about embedded video). So far all embedded video has aligned to [...]

Arduino Programming and Flashing LEDs

Choose ‘Examples ’ on the menu on the left, then ‘Basic ’ and ‘Blink ’. The Blink sketch is now displayed in the code area. [...]

Intro to Arduinos

We’re back from Easter and for the next 3 weeks we’ll be having weekly sessions on Arduinos. The official Arduino introduction c [...]

CNC Machining

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining refers to the process of a machine or tool using numeric data as instructions to control a m [...]

3d Scanning, Blender, Meshmixer & Cura

The plan here was to take the .PLY file of the scan of a plant that I produced in my previous post and import that into Meshmixer so that I [...]

3d Scanning

3d scanning is the process of capturing the size and shape of a real world object or environment. Ways of 3d scanning generally fall into 2 [...]


Posts and pages can have a Featured Image set. Where and how the image is displayed depends on the theme of the site. With the theme I’ [...]

Choosing a new layout and theme

As I mentioned in the previous post I’m going to change how the site looks and works. I want all new content to be uploaded as posts a [...]

Adjusting the layout and theme of my site

I’m not been very satisfied with how my site looks and works, this is for two reasons: When I chose the theme I had almost no content [...]

Embedded Programming – Mirco:bit OLED Game

Another little project I wanted to do now that we had the OLED screen working correctly was to try and see if I could replicate this simple [...]

Embedded Programming – Mirco:bit OLED

After the failure of the LCD I got another Micro:bit and a 0.98″ 128×64 pixel OLED screen and returned to the suggested task of using [...]

Embedded Programming – Mirco:bit LCD

Another challenge was to connect an OLED displauy and get it to display a reading such as temp. As I had a 16 pin LCD screen I decided to tr [...]

Electronics Design – Micro:bit Radio Chat

Another good exercise uses the inbuilt radio to let two Micro:bits communicate with each other. Me and classmate Max ( [...]

Electronics Design – The Tasks

With knowledge of Micro:bits and how they’re programmed (detailed in previous post) we were tasked with experimenting with reproducing [...]

Electronics Design

Along with designing electronics using software and diagrams as detailed in my previous post we were also tasked with exploring programming [...]

Electronics Production – The Tasks

Initial task We were tasked with creating a simple circuit on a breadboard that used an input, output and a capacitor. We also had to plan t [...]

Electronics Production – The Basics

The differences between electrical and electronic devices: Electrical devices are powered by electricity (e.g. lights, kettle, fridge, toas [...]

Computer Controlled Cutting

Week 3 – How to get a computer to control your cutting. As ever, this project started with a look at the Fab Academy notes HERE and wa [...]

Autodesk Maya

In addition to the die modelling task we were set and as I had previously used both Solidworks and Fusion 360 I decided to also lean the bas [...]

Fusion 360

As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve used both Solidworks and Fusion 360 but I’m much more confident with Solidworks so my aim [...]

Parametric Design/Modelling

What is Parametric Modelling? Parametric modelling is the relation of many geometries to one dimension and the ability to modify those geome [...]

Computer Aided Design

CAD is not all fun Mostly error signs and fails You gotta use it – BAH, a Brain Aided Haiku   The second week of our Digital Fabr [...]

Plugins and Widgets

Plugins Plugins are installable programs, created by WordPress (WP) community members, that provide additional features for your site. They [...]

Embedding Video

Embedding Embedding a video is a method of inserting the video into a site that it is being hosted externally and reduces the memory require [...]

Adding Media

Media Photos, videos, documents and more can all be added to WP sites. There are two main ways to do it which depend more on whether you kno [...]

Creating Menus

When I had made a couple of posts and pages I experimented with how to edit the top menus so that each page is available. It is possible to [...]

Creating a website inc. Themes, Posts, Pages

Starting a site The first assignment was to make a website and to start populating it, the results of which are here, all around you – [...]
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