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To have a break from Uni work and work-work I’ve been setting myself some diy projects.

One thing I’ve been meaning to do for ages is make a sun lounger/bench kind of thing for our flat roof ‘garden’ to make the most of the 2 hours of sun it gets. The plan was something like this:

bench plans



And for it to go here, in the corner of the railings:

roof garden sans bench



The main challenge was that the roof surface is a lumpy slope and would be very hard to build off of. Fortunately the railings are level all the way around and are bolted down very securely so I decided to build off of them instead.

I used batten screwed from each side of the railing to support the frame and the planks that make the seat. The battens sit on the bottom of the railings to make sure the railing does all the supporting:


batten 2




I had one fuck up where the batten split ‘cos I was using screws that were too big and generally pushing my luck with it. I tried to screw across the split to hold it together but it looked like a real mess. I ended up using some off cuts to better support and secure it in the end (not pictured):

fuck up



The planks for the seat were old decking that we had lying around. The only timber I had to buy was batten and length of 250x22mm for the sides and top of the arm/back rest.




A quick tidy up and a couple of cushions, job’s a good’un… It’ll probably need finishing, sanding and treating or staining or something but I’ll worry about that after a beer.


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