Computer Aided Design Fusion 360 SolidWorks XE Week 2 - Computer-aided Design

Computer Aided Design

CAD is not all fun
Mostly error signs and fails
You gotta use it

– BAH, a Brain Aided Haiku


The second week of our Digital Fabrications module was to learn and develop our skills with different CAD software such as, Solidworks and Autodesk Fusion 360 and to understand how these software utilise Parametric design. (This is similar to the structure of the Fab Academy lesson 2 [fig.1].)

fab academy lesson 2 on vimeo

fig.1 Fab academy lesson 2 on Vimeo


I have used both Solidworks and Fusion 360 previously but going into this project I was significantly more confident with Solidworks as I had used it a lot in previous projects like Product Durability – ORS Task Light DP402. I decided to focus on learning how to use Fusion 360 more effectively and too see how close I could get to my ability in Solidworks.

My exploits in Fusion 360 and will be detailed in a future post.

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