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Embedding Video


Embedding a video is a method of inserting the video into a site that it is being hosted externally and reduces the memory required to load your page. It is a very useful technique but it does require you to upload your videos to a hosting site such as YouTube or Google drive.

**Update 30/04/2020 **

** The Google Photos/Drive tutorial may still work depending on the version you are using. Google really doesn’t want Photos and Drive to be a host for embedded videos and has updated to removed all possible ways. The best option now is to upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo or similar and embed from there. **

Personally, I keep all my files on my Google drive but the process to get the embed code is a little more complicate that it should be:

  1. Find or upload the Video file to Google drive
  2. Set Share Setting to Public, anyone with link can view
  3. Select Preview
  4. Click the “More Actions” icon (3 vertical Dots) upper right corner
  5. Select “Open in New Window”
  6. Click “More Actions” again. and
  7. Select and copy Embed Code

embedding via google drive


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