Product Usability – Fixperts DP403

For this project we are to explore Product Usability and User Centered Design by using the Fixperts format –

This is a link to the project brief and learning outcomes for the module

The initial tasks were to start to think about who would be a suitable Fixpartner while understanding the ethics involved and to create a mock Fixperts style film.

We considered what might make a person a suitable Fixpartner and who we knew that might be willing to help [fig.1] We settled on them needing to be:

  • Local and available to allow for many tests of prototypes
  • Available for a 2-3 months
  • Engaged with a practical job or task
  • Willing to be filmed

We decided not to worry about what the problem might be or to think of people we already considered to have ‘problems’ as this may effect our judgement and it is likely that the problem we eventually fix will be something that is beyond our imagination.

possible fix partners

fig.1 Some initial ideas for suitable Fixpartners

As only half the group was present we made a rough plan for the mock video based on what is recommended by Fixperts [fig.2] and just started filming. Our plan was to pretend that the 3d printing technician is struggling to remove hot freshly printed objects from the printers.

what to include in a fixperts film

fig.2 What to include in a Fixpert film

This was the outcome of our mock video:

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