Digital Fabrication Methods XE404

All Xe404 content can now be found in posts via the home page. The posts are arranged newest first, so the start of the project is at the bottom.  The posts are tagged with categories that tie them to specific learning outcomes or the subjects of each week. For example, for evidence of team working, select ‘teamwork’ from the list of categories (on the right side of the page) to view all the posts linked to teamwork. I’ve done it like this so that hopefully it is easier to find the all content a user requires at once.

I will also include this breakdown of the posts by week here:

**please note. my method of categories means that some posts are related to more than 1 week.**

XE Week 1 – introduction and websites:

XE Week 2 – Computer-aided Design

XE Week 3 – computer-controlled cutting

XE Week 4 – electronics production

XE Week 5 – electronics design

XE Week 7 – Formative

  • No public content

XE Week 8 – 3d printing and scanning

XE Week 9 – CNC machining and moulding and casting

XE Week 10 – Intro to Arduino and Flashing LEDs

XE Week 11- Arduino Libraries Arduino Displays

XE Week 12 – Range Finder & Display

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