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Adruino Libraries & LCD Display

The task for this week was to find out  how connect and control a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with an Arduino. Connecting an LCD is physic [...]

Centering Embedded Video

I just found a way to centre an embedded video in a post (see here for info about embedded video). So far all embedded video has aligned to [...]

3d Scanning, Blender, Meshmixer & Cura

The plan here was to take the .PLY file of the scan of a plant that I produced in my previous post and import that into Meshmixer so that I [...]

3d Scanning

3d scanning is the process of capturing the size and shape of a real world object or environment. Ways of 3d scanning generally fall into 2 [...]


Posts and pages can have a Featured Image set. Where and how the image is displayed depends on the theme of the site. With the theme I’ [...]

Adding Media

Media Photos, videos, documents and more can all be added to WP sites. There are two main ways to do it which depend more on whether you kno [...]
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