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CNC Machining

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining refers to the process of a machine or tool using numeric data as instructions to control a m [...]

3d Scanning

3d scanning is the process of capturing the size and shape of a real world object or environment. Ways of 3d scanning generally fall into 2 [...]

Adjusting the layout and theme of my site

I’m not been very satisfied with how my site looks and works, this is for two reasons: When I chose the theme I had almost no content [...]

Autodesk Maya

In addition to the die modelling task we were set and as I had previously used both Solidworks and Fusion 360 I decided to also lean the bas [...]

Fusion 360

As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve used both Solidworks and Fusion 360 but I’m much more confident with Solidworks so my aim [...]

Parametric Design/Modelling

What is Parametric Modelling? Parametric modelling is the relation of many geometries to one dimension and the ability to modify those geome [...]

Computer Aided Design

CAD is not all fun Mostly error signs and fails You gotta use it – BAH, a Brain Aided Haiku   The second week of our Digital Fabr [...]
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