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Adjusting the layout and theme of my site

I’m not been very satisfied with how my site looks and works, this is for two reasons:

  1. When I chose the theme I had almost no content so I didn’t know what it would look like once I’d uploaded my work. Currently all my content is in long pages that I add to as I learn and experiment – these pages are becoming overly complicated and cluttered.
  2. Most WP themes appear to work best if you upload your content as posts rather than pages as that is what most home pages displayed. With no posts the homepage looks empty to when I’ve uploaded a new page I’ve been adding a post that links to the new content. This is messy and adds unnecessary levels and weight to my site.

I’ve decided to do a couple of things to make my site look and work better:

  1. I’m going to move all my content from pages to posts. These posts will be shorter but more detailed than the current pages and will be a better example of how I experiment and learn. These posts will appear on the home page chronological order .
  2. I will still keep the pages but they’ll act more as an overview of each subject/project/module I’m working on and will link to the posts that are related and relevant.
  3. I’m going to create and use categories to link related posts to each other and to the overview pages. These categories will refer to the specific topics we’ve been exploring each week so when the category “week 1 – website” is viewed all posts that relate to that week will appear.
  4. I am also going to create categories that relate to the learning outcomes and marking criteria so when I need to evidence team working for example, all the posts that feature that evidence can be found in one place. – top marks hopefully.

This will create a load of more work for me but I hope to have a smoother and more intuitive website at the end.

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