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Electronics Design – Micro:bit Radio Chat

Another good exercise uses the inbuilt radio to let two Micro:bits communicate with each other. Me and classmate Max (blogs.brighton.ac.uk/maxmalepd) worked together to get our Micro:bits to communicate.

Here you can view the code and also switch to simulation view to see how it works.


This kind of program can be edited to use Micro:bits as remote controllers if instead of displaying text when the signal is received it activated an output.


One initial complication we had was that we didn’t set a radio group, this needs to be done so that the Micro:bits are communicating in the same group.

Max’s writeup of the same project can be found here: blogs.brighton.ac.uk/maxmalepd/electronics-design-2/


The link below is the code for two Micro:bits to send a pattern to each other:


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