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Plugins and Widgets


Plugins are installable programs, created by WordPress (WP) community members, that provide additional features for your site. They can be simple things that make it easier for the site owner to add content like the Easy Tables Plugin or fun user experience stuff like adding a snowing effect over the top of a page.

Unfortunately as the website I’m creating is powered by WP but hosted by edublogs and they don’t allow for additional plugins to be installed.

Regardless, here is some info if you have a “normal” WP site:

  • Details for installing plugins for ‘normal’ WP sites can be found here
  • Details on the limitations of WP powered but not hosted sites can be found here


What can be done

On an edublogs site you can only use the limited number of pre-approved plugins that are pre-installed. These can be found by going to the plugins tab via the admin dashboard. Plugins on this page can be activated and deactivated.

plugins page


Finally, it is possible to request a plugin to be added to the approved list, this is done by contacting edublogs support.

Info about edublogs plugins, activation/deactivation and approval requests can all be found here: Activate Plugins

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