Student Travel Advice

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Travel and Dual-Accommodation Expense Fund (TDAE) 

The TDAE is a reimbursement system facilitated through your university and the NHS. If you meet the applicant criteria for LSF, you may be entitled to TDAE (provided a valid claim is made within nine months of your last practice placement).

You can claim reimbursement for travel to placement, returning costs incurred above your usual daily travel costs to attend university. Please note that the initial reimbursement processing can take approx. 20 days, with the following evidence provided to them for reimbursement being processed every week.





Whilst on placement you will have to negotiate shift times with the designated placement area. Ensure it meets your individual and practice needs.

Reflect on the travel/distance aligned with your shift pattern (I.e., 7-to-7) to determine if you require travel or dual-accommodation. If necessary, apply for the TDAE and/or review additional financial support.  Should you require NHS LSF, TDAE, additional financial support, or accommodation, proceed at your soonest availability.

If the travel time one way is more than 1.5 hours practice hours can be claimed for the additional journey time.  For example, if your one-way journey was 2 hours you could claim 1 hour as practice (2 x 30 minutes for each one-way journey). Make sure you keep your term-time address up-to-date on your personal tab, any changes alert the Placement Team.

You may be eligible for Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses, which is an NHS-funded scheme that will reimburse excess costs incurred whilst on placement. More information is available here:

Email  to submit your TDAE application