COVID-19 Regulations

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Information sent to all healthcare students 15/12/21

This is a great article about students experiences during COVID 2022

Coronavirus » Resources available for engaging and communicating with staff to increase vaccination uptake (

NHS advert promoting vaccine for the young this is a really thought provoking video of people aged 20-24 who have had COVID and the after effects of this.

It is easy to do a lateral flow test properly this is a series of short videos explaining how to undertake the lateral flow tests


Set out below a matrix combining what we know about vulnerability, immunity, and viral prevalence to classify individuals according to the type of work that they might reasonably undertake.  It should be viewed as a rough guide and tailored to account for special circumstances and the views of the worker.

Matrix guide for estimation of a worker’s overall risk pre-and post-vaccination

Individual Government websites provide current viral prevalence rates, although this can also be accessed via:

Download the Matrix Guide:

Any student testing positive for COVID-19 needs to notify their placement educator and then the University via the reporting tile on the My Brighton App or Web portal as soon as possible.​ See poster here

If the student has visited any university building or campus in the past 72 hours, they also need to contact 2222.

The above actions will instigate the appropriate University of Brighton response plans (agreed with our local Health Protection teams and regularly updated in line with government guidance).

In all cases, students testing positive should self-isolate in accordance with government guidance 

March 2021- Click here for an update regarding pregnancy and COVID-19:   COVID-19 vaccines, pregnancy, and breastfeeding (

University of Brighton Student Guidances regarding COVID-19,  self-isolating, and testing. Please click here for further information:

A new Healthcare Learners’ COVID-19 HEE Coronavirus Advice Guide.Please click here for further information: Healthcare Learners Coronavirus Advice Guide

HEE’s guidance on self-care/wellbeing and how to protect those we live with. Please click here for further information: Covid-19 updates – all professions (October 2020 onwards) | Health Education England (

COVID-19 – Protection for healthcare workers (