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PA’s and PS’s PAD Guidance

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This is the link to the South PAD Guide


University of Brighton South PAD Guidance on how to complete the documentation, with completed examples – for PA/PS/and AA


This is the link to the PowerPoint used in the videos

Introduction to the South PAD Documentation Video Presentations



Guidance on how to manage a split placement
The attached documents provide Practice supervisors and Practice Assessors with information on how to manage a split placement to maximise the students learning opportunities and complete the PAD
Guide to Using the South PAD in a Split Placement



SOUTH PAD 1, PAD 2, and PAD 3, a page by page guide highlighting the key sections that students need to ensure are signed by their PA, PS’s and AA in placement 1 and 2




Introduction to South PAD

Direct Link to Video 1:

Overview of the Practice Supervisor/Practice Assessor/Academic Assessor

Direct Link to Video 2:

Orientation/First Interview

Direct Link to Video 3:

Mid point Interview and Professional Values

Direct Link to Video 4:

Giving Feedback and Documentation

Direct Link to Video 5:

Final Interview/Feed Forward

Direct Link to Video 6:

Action Planning

Direct Link to Video 7:

OAR and Appendix I

Direct Link to Video 8:

Criteria for Assessment and Assessment Strategies

Direct Link to Video 9:


Direct Link to Video 10:

Summative Assessments Episodes of Care and Medicine Management

Direct Link to Video 11:

Submission and Progression

Direct Link to Video 12:

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