Using Social Media to Support Your Nursing Education

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You might like to subscribe to or set up social media accounts to support your learning during your degree, including when on placement.  The accounts below are suggestions of useful accounts to follow made by other students.  Use them to learn at your own pace, first filling in gaps in your understanding and then accelerating your learning.

Geeky Medics – a great educational resource designed primarily for medical students but is also very useful for student nurses.  It includes teach-ins on different anatomy and physiology topics and OSCE guides among lots of other content.

Khan Academy a very useful playlist of anatomy and physiology teach-ins

Dr John Campbell – nurse educator/lecturer with lectures on all sorts of topics including anatomy & physiology, communication skills and lots else!

Carole Forde-Johnston – practical guidance to support nurses’ career development, from new starters to senior nurses

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@StNurseProject – content created by current students and recently qualified nurses.  Often has helpful threads with practical tips – e.g. getting the most out of placements

@NMC News – Nursing and Midwifery Council main account

@CardioVisualApp –  US account created by Drs with information about heart disease and diabetes

@BSU_Nursing – Brighton Nursing Society twitter account

@NursingTimes – a UK-based independent nursing news feed

@NUrsingNotesUK – nursing and healthcare news channel

@Time4Dementia – supports the programme offered by UoB

@teepasnow – dementia specialist nurses working in the US.  Posts a lot of useful content on Youtube

@Sussexpartnership – local mental health trust account

@UHSussex – Trust site

@BSUH_NHS – new official trust account

@HealthwatchE – Healthwatch England official account

@TheKingsFund – leading health and care think tank.  Has a lot of useful resources explaining how the health and care system works in the UK

@NuffieldTrust – leading health think talk focused on care improvement

@HQIP – Healthcare Quality Improvement  account

@NHSImprovement – official account for body which supports NHS England on improving care for patients

@CareQualityComm – CQC official account

@drkathrynmannix – leading palliative care retired doctor – tweets about end of life care/skills

@NursesNote – nursing lecturer tweets study content/tips

@MDTea _podcast – twitter account for podcast on geriatric care

@BrightonNurses – official UoB account

@SHSUnivBrighton – Health Sciences school official account

@debrahumphris – Account of the University of Bright Debra Humphris Vice Chancellor (and nurse by profession)

@ChrisCEOHopson – account for current Chair of NHS providers.  Influential threads on Covid – shortly moving to NHS England to be Head of Strategy so Twitter handle may change.

@theRCN – main official channel for the RCN

@HowardCatton – Nurse and CEO of the International Council of Nurses