Parking Permits

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Applying for a parking permit at ESH

Staff who have contracts of less than 12 months are required to complete the Travel Choice and Temporary Parking Permit Form and provide the expected contract end date (end of course date) along with the other required information.

Applying using this form: ESHT Parking Permit Application

(As line manager details please put Angela Jarvis: Practice Education Manager

Applying for a parking permit at WSHT

You can apply for an on-street parking permit via Apply for an On-Street Parking Permit

Applying for a parking permit at BSUH 

The use of public transport is greatly encouraged due to the waiting lists for parking permits and the long queues for the multi-story car park.

Parking is free for night shifts between the hours of 16:45 and 08:30 Monday-Friday, Weekends, and Bank Holidays.