Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 09.54.49These images are the final edits for my look book. Each image was taken my myself using a variety of materials. I used a model for 5 images where i styled reflecting each sub trend from my group; nature,decay/rust,architecture and fluidity. I was originally going to use all clothing to portray my campaign however i decided to incorporate non fashion related objects such as for architecture in used an image of an animal skull i had taken to represent both structure and also ethical and sustainable fashion. I wanted to use basic photography; no over the top poses so it can portray the campaign clearly.

In post production, i edited the photographs so they were bit brighter on photoshop where i added the overlay of plants or buildings to support the main image. I set the opacity on all of the overlays to 40% so you were able to see both images clearly. I simply selected a back image to contrast with the others ( there was no editing done on these)

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