Social Media- Portfolio

These are the layouts of my website and social media. I have kept them both meeting a minimalistic style so it doesn’t overcomplicate the content whilst keeping to a consistent visual identity. I have used a white background for the website with accents of green in the text to tie in with the logo on my instagram as well as other aspects on my business cards and cv. I found the manipulation of Square Space quite difficult, although it visually suited what i wanted, the accessibility to different themes was lacking so found choosing the right theme for my work a long process.   I’m pleased with the outcome of both of these and am continuing to add to my social media with new content.



Artist Research // Derick Melander


I also looked at Derek Mellanders work who is also an American artist who works with large scale pieces that are made using second hand clothing and wooden frames for support. -Figure 149 and 150 ‘All is actually each (after Aldous Huxley), 2018’ was a commissioned pieces suing clothes from  a take back and reuse program. This programme preserves garments of any condition by repairing, cleaning and reselling these to women in need as well as being made into new products.  Figure 147 ‘ceaselessly Broken and reconstituted, 2017’ Is another commissioned piece by diesel using second hand clothing that has be stylised using a consistent flow of colour. I found this pieces really interesting as it showed how the use of an item that was regarded as waste can be constructed into a unique and conceptual piece of art. In addition, the use of scale in his work, making his installations larger rather than small, puts into perspective the amount of disregarded garments that can sourced for projects like this.

Zero Waste // Package Free Shop


The Package Free Shop, based in the US was started by Lauren Singer who began to collect her food waste in container which resulted in the production of zero waste goods sold in her shop.

Zero waste is becoming more prominent in society today, with supermarkets eliminating the plastic produce bags and the 5p plastic bag charge. The introduction of plastic free shopping or bulk shopping is escalating in UK which is making zero waste shopping a lot easier.

Maddie Williams


Maddie Williams is another graduate who is utilising fashion waste into the collection, She has been featured as Fashion Scouts One To Watch in design creating large scale pieces that incorporated colour and texture. William’s explores new ways how to incorporated waste in her pieces whilst also looking at visible mending which is incorpate into other garments. Looking at her work has engaged me in new technique which can furthered into my magazine.


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 09.54.49These images are the final edits for my look book. Each image was taken my myself using a variety of materials. I used a model for 5 images where i styled reflecting each sub trend from my group; nature,decay/rust,architecture and fluidity. I was originally going to use all clothing to portray my campaign however i decided to incorporate non fashion related objects such as for architecture in used an image of an animal skull i had taken to represent both structure and also ethical and sustainable fashion. I wanted to use basic photography; no over the top poses so it can portray the campaign clearly.

In post production, i edited the photographs so they were bit brighter on photoshop where i added the overlay of plants or buildings to support the main image. I set the opacity on all of the overlays to 40% so you were able to see both images clearly. I simply selected a back image to contrast with the others ( there was no editing done on these)


When creating a zine, a gif makes the content you include more interactive and fun and I wanted to create gifs that had a minimal approach. I found the GIF process difficult at first however i enjoyed learning how to create them as it also taught me more about photoshop. I created 4 gifs; the majority of the images coming from the content of my zine. ( all gifs need to be clicked on)

charlotte-gif-2-eyesgif heart-gifemoji(<— 4th GIF )

Photography Tests

For my current project, we’ve been looking at photography and styling. These images are tests for my final shoot as i wanted to experiment with backgrounds and positioning of both the model and myself.

I found that the angle that best suited the concept we had and that captured the image in the most detail was if i were to take it from below; so the model was facing downwards. At that point in time the wind was quite strong which created a positive impact to the image as it added an aspect of distortion to the face which could be a possible idea to incorporate into the project.
DSC_0269 DSC_0246DSC_0283image 1