Final Magazine spreads


These spreads are from the final edition of the publication. The magazine is total 112 pages formatted at A4 210mm x 297mm. I chose to get the magazine printed on recycled paper for both the inside and front cover using a thicker gsm to make it a more sturdy and luxurious feeling magazine. My initial thought for making the printing process sustainable was to work on the basis of printing on demand and using a glossier paper, however throughout my research and looking at the final images I felt that using recycled paper as well as printing on demand would be best to keep the identity of the publication consistent. The overall aesthetic of the publication is how I intended with a strong visualisation of the link between the content and the layout of the imagery.

My initial thoughts on the layout of my publication was to create a image book with minimal text, however as my research progressed and my content formed, I felt it more suitable to label it as a magazine as I feel the concept could be furthered into future issues which could include an image book. Also, with the demographic that I am targeting, it would be a viable platform/source to have in a digital heavy society.

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