Brighton Fashion Week

On the 16th October I went to the Brighton Fashion Week Sustainability show. I found the experience really interesting; i enjoyed being surrounded by people who had the common interest in fashion and listening to them talk about themselves to strangers whilst waiting in the queue to go in. I also took interest in looking at the wide variation of people once we had sat in our seats, in particular the front row where there were women wearing very large headpieces made from fruit to drag queens dressed in head-to-toe gold! After waiting for about an hour, the show finally started and as it progressed i found myself captivated by the different interpretations the designers had with ‘ sustainability’; some collections were neutral tones with very simple silhouettes however there were others which adopted over the top shaping and bold colours. Although the majority of the collections were not my ‘thing’, the atmosphere in itself was definitely worth it.



FKA TWIGGS- RasterizeWillow Smith- Rasterize
   Willow Smith- i-D magazine

I was first introduced to Adobe Illustrator at college, however if you had asked me how to use it then i would have no idea. Since we have been inducted, i haven’t stopped using it ! The induction workshop allowed me to revisit what i thought i knew and actually how to use it. We looked at the different tools and their effects on the image such as the Pen and pencil tool and the different brush strokes and also the various colour palettes.

I found myself using this outlet in other projects in replacement to drawings as i find that it provides a different dynamic and also i can’t draw : )