When looking to create my own trend, WGSN helped me find inspiration from textiles to accessories. I began by looking at futures trends and scrolling through the continuos flow of images where i found a trend named “Encounter Culture”. This trend was the most interesting to me and it involved a lot of colour and texture with a variety of prints. Within this trend, i took interest from the more natural side; the palm prints and the woven materials.

These images finalised my idea of wanting to create my own trend on nature but in its purest form; when its left to grow and take up its natural state.

Tate Modern

13148321_10206709530725047_1889798486_o 13161124_10206709532845100_324362015_o

I visited the Tate Modern for inspiration on my visual promotion project. These 2 exhibitions are my favourites as they are both visually intriguing and don’t give much information from first glances. The image on the left was created by Sheela Gowda and was made from car bumpers and human hair. She was inspired by the humble talismans of human hair that are knotted around car part to fend off bad luck. The hair originated from local temples where they cut it off as a offering when pilgrims fulfilled their sacred vows.

The image on the right was created by Magdalena Abakanowicz. Sh wanted to reflect her fascination with biological systems, organic matter and regeneration.