Portfolio piece evaluation

For my portfolio piece I decided to re-create 2 double page spreads that would replicate the underwear feature in the original magazine. With these spreads I wanted to make it more graphic and illustrative so I created 2 repeat patterns out of my fruit imagery. I chose to photograph fruit to replicate the body therefore making the spreads more conceptual. I then photo shopped one of the fruit; the banana so make the inside pink to convey an aspect on femininity onto something I was using to portray the masculine. I wanted to include some of the original imagery intended for the magazine that didn’t make it into the final copy so that it would illustrate what I was trying to convey from the imagery. I enjoyed this project as it allowed me to look at the content I had created again and visualise it in a different format, as well as creating content using different techniques, which I wouldn’t necessarily use before. However, because we had already created these spreads I did find it difficult at first to visualise it differently. I think that this project pushed me to work to a time limit and helped me to work under pressure.