Environmental Facts (inside magazine)

Alongside the content of the magazine, i wanted to feature some facts about how consumers are effecting environment with their mass purchasing, therefore i selected some facts covering different industries. Although i didn’t reference who these facts were stated by in the physical magazine, i have referenced them fully in my sketchbook.

“Around 30 million tonnes of household waste is generated in the UK every year.”

“85% of our E-Waste are sent to landfills and incinerators are mostly burned, and release harmful toxins in the air.”

“Extending the life of clothing by a further 9 months would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by 20 -30%.”

“The UK throws away at least £13 billion worth of food each year which could have been eaten.”

“Food waste that decomposes in landfills releases methane, a greenhouse gas that is at least 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide.”

“This is an emergency and for emergency situations we need emergency action.” – Ban Ki-Moon, former UN Secretary General

“Human activity is causing irreparable harm to the life on this world. A mass extinction event, only the sixth in roughly 540 million years, is underway.”

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