Media Pack



For outcome 1 I created a working media pack that features the reader looking at personas, the visual identity of the magazine examining how what the layout of the magazine will resemble whilst also looking at the fashion direction of how the photography and imagery will be conveyed.

Final Outcomes


For my outcomes I created 2 editions, one which featured more graphic based images with the second one having a more minimal layout. I feel like they both work well however the first outcome has a more coherent style throughout.

This outcome has a minimal approach using smaller scale images with large white space. The text and images are set out so they reflect each other keeping the design consistent throughout. This outcome has worked out the most successful incorporating influences from many areas of my research, looking at plastic waste specifically.

This outcome has a more graphic approach with large scale images covering majority of pages. The typography for this was more stylised as I feel It fit well with the rest of the content. Like the first outcome, there is a mixture of colour to ensure it is consistent, however there is a definitive exploration of font style and stylised layout.

Artist Research // Sarah Wallace


Sarah Wallace Scott is an America artist who creates minimal sculptures looking a nature. Figure 143 named ‘Turf 2014’ is a suspended installation piece that has been sculpted from cast handmade recycled paper, water colour and thread. Figure 144 ‘The Rescue 2011’ was constructed using cast handmade recycled paper, watercolour, handmade Kozo paper and pastel. I found these pieces the most relevant as they related well to the environmental aspect of my research in addition to how throughout her work Scott uses handmade and  recycled paper which I feel I can further into my research, looking how recycled items can be utilised into something new.

Artist Research// Marina DeBris


Marina DeBris is an Australian artist who creates ‘trashion’ pices using ocean pollution and beach debris that as been washed up to create eccentric pieces that further the discussion of our consumption of waste products. Figure 156 ‘Takeaway Queen’ was made from takeaway containers sourced from various oceans and beaches, whilst Figure 157 ‘Cuicdado’ which translates in ‘Be careful’ in Spanish was made from caution tape that was washed up on an LA beach.

Artist Research // Derick Melander


I also looked at Derek Mellanders work who is also an American artist who works with large scale pieces that are made using second hand clothing and wooden frames for support. -Figure 149 and 150 ‘All is actually each (after Aldous Huxley), 2018’ was a commissioned pieces suing clothes from  a take back and reuse program. This programme preserves garments of any condition by repairing, cleaning and reselling these to women in need as well as being made into new products.  Figure 147 ‘ceaselessly Broken and reconstituted, 2017’ Is another commissioned piece by diesel using second hand clothing that has be stylised using a consistent flow of colour. I found this pieces really interesting as it showed how the use of an item that was regarded as waste can be constructed into a unique and conceptual piece of art. In addition, the use of scale in his work, making his installations larger rather than small, puts into perspective the amount of disregarded garments that can sourced for projects like this.

Artist Research // Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson
The Great Indoors
18 September – 26 October 2008


Aurora Robson is an American artist that creates large scale installations using recycled plastic.  Figure 159 ‘Jetsam’ is made from plastic debris accompanied by other materials such as tinted polyacrylic and mica powder. Figure 161 ‘Accumulus’ 2010 was installed in a building in NY which was made utilising 5000 plastic bin bags that the building throws away. Although these pieces are too complex for me to adapt on in my own work, they are very intriguing with the use of scale whilst also looking at the diversity throughout each installation Robson creates.

Publication Layouts// Peppermint Magazine


Peppermint magazine is a printed sustainable publication which has an engaging design aesthetic. From the content and the creative direction of this magazine it is clear that their target their publication at the female consumer. It features DIY and textile style content which Is supported by clean and trendy illustrations. Although this magazine features a lot of relevant information, I like the way this magazine is designed however it is now how I see my magazine spreads constructed.

Publication Layouts// PussPuss Magazine


PussPuss magazine is a fashion magazine that ‘celebrates the spirit of independence’. It features very sleek and colour-based photography using basic but aesthetically pleasing layout ideas which reflect the ethos of the magazine well. The subtle implementation of the cats in the magazines provides a light-hearted approach to fashion making the magazine more approachable to customers. PussPuss also uses humorous graphics to develop their magazine which I want to incorporate into my own publication. The humour and fashion follows through into their social platforms which is beneficial to the growth of the magazine.