Overall the process of creating the magazine has been testing. I made the choice to create all the content for the magazine to show my abilities in all fields of fashion communication whilst using it as a challenge to test my capabilities for a possible future in magazine curation. The initial steps of my research were finding influence from artist that are inspired by rubbish and waste as a general concept which I found very useful as it helped me build a wider and broad concept with the key areas of waste. Sustainability is such as prevalent topic in today’s society as well as being an interest of mine, so felt it right to build upon this knowledge and look into areas that associated with sustainability but weren’t a direct link which is where I found myself looking into objects.

Our relationship with objects is turbulent as our digital lifestyles are constantly feeding us new ideas, which is why I wanted to move away from creating a digital magazine and create a printed publication that acted almost like an object in itself as a reflection of current ideas that could be looked back on without the constant movement of information. Through this research I was able to build upon varied artists and journals which gave detailed analysis of psychological and materialistic values through strong visualisation. My initial thoughts for my publication were to create an image book that explored objects in a photographic format, using minimal text to allow for these to conceptually explain themselves, however through my research I found myself getting influence from varied sources using different styles which began to confuse my work.

As I was unsure of my final idea for a large portion of the beginning project, I feel this set me back in the creation of content and the continuity of the shoots as I was building concepts that weren’t as focused to my research as I hoped. I found I was also affected by the addition of the pop up shop and the organisation of the event which saw a significant amount of time taken from the beginning of the project. However, with this in mind I feel that I managed my time well with a worry of not meeting set time lines as i have previously struggled with time management. The pop-up shop and my part time job challenged my time management which I found to be a benefit as I was able to push myself to meet my own personal time lines.

I am overall happy with my final outcome as I was able to push myself through the battle with my confidence in my work and ideas to create something that followed aspects of my initial intentions, to have finalised a heavy content publication. If I were to further the magazine, I would make sure that i was extremely thorough in the final proof as I found a couple of spelling mistakes in my outcome as well as missing out references of statistical information which I have out in my sketchbook and on my blog. However, with the time I had and the obstacles along the way, I am proud of the quality of my work and how much I was able to create in the time given.

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