Denim Denim Denim Denim

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I love denim, denim is a ‘trend’ that will never go out of fashion- there are new ways of wearing denim created all the time and i like that its a timeless fabric. Distressing denim adds a new dimension to it however i found that it is quite difficult to re shape. I found looking at the inspiration board interesting as you were able to see how designers had completely deconstructed the fabric and garments to create different pieces of clothing and silhouettes from unrecognisable pieces.

Viviane Sassen- Floral inspiration (Part 2)

Vivianne Sassen was a main inspiration for my photography. Along with the ‘Flamboya’ series i also looked at her ‘In bloom’ series which has incorporated bright florals and vibrant clothing to create flamboyant imagery. I liked the mix the styling aspect the most as they have used a variation of garments that contrast with the flowers for example the second image enraptures a grunge style however it works well due to the bright colouring. I also thought that the movements in the images were interesting as although it distorts the models face it shows interesting movement in both the clothing and the models hair.

in-bloom-viviane-sassen-dazed-digital-1 Cohabitaire_DazedConfused_tulipfashion12 in-bloom-viviane-sassen-dazed-digital-5-600x783

Viviane Sassen – Floral inspiration ( Part 1 )

As part of the concept my partner and i decided to look at flowers and their representation however i wanted to look at the more subtle view and exploration of how photographers incorporate florals into their work. I chose to look at Viviane Sassen as i liked the way she used florals but did not make them the initial focal point. I also like the used of shadowing and how it was used to distort the image by covering up features of the body – the distortion was also created with the flower/plant.

Dora Issue11_Sassen_Viviane_02 miss-moss-viviane-sassen-005

Photography Tests

For my current project, we’ve been looking at photography and styling. These images are tests for my final shoot as i wanted to experiment with backgrounds and positioning of both the model and myself.

I found that the angle that best suited the concept we had and that captured the image in the most detail was if i were to take it from below; so the model was facing downwards. At that point in time the wind was quite strong which created a positive impact to the image as it added an aspect of distortion to the face which could be a possible idea to incorporate into the project.
DSC_0269 DSC_0246DSC_0283image 1