Virtual tour and booking labspace

Take a virtual tour of the lab!

Booking the experimental booths. Booths 1-4 are managed by SONA for dissertation students and SONA must be used to book them.

Booking the Creative Methods Lab, Teaching area and transcription booths. View current bookings. If you are a psychology student and you’d like to book the creative methods lab, teaching area or transcription booths please speak to Joe the psychology technician, or your supervisor if you’re Level 6. If you are a member of psychology staff you can book the spaces either by contacting the psychology technicians, or make a booking here.

Important note on the Creative Methods Lab: The Creative Methods lab has been funded by the Transforming Sexuality and Gender Research Cluster, so  Cluster bookings take highest priority. Staff associated with Psychology can book the lab if it is not required by the Cluster. Priority is given to the cluster, then psychology. If a booking is made by a lower priority need it may be cancelled if a higher priority need arises.

Want to produce an academic poster?

PosterThe psychology lab and the computers in the Falmer Library all have Microsoft Publisher, which is an easy way to quickly create professional looking academic posters like the one above, which was created by one of our Level 6 students for the 2016 BUDS conference. If you would like a demo of Microsoft Publisher, please ask Joe the psychology technician. The lab has produced a short guide which can be used to set up Microsoft Publisher for producing an academic poster and helps you understand some of the key features. The guide also contains links to more information. The guide can be downloaded by clicking here.

Further support on Microsoft Publisher can be found on Microsoft’s website, here.

Software for QUALITATIVE analysis – Nvivo.

Nvivo is qualitative analysis software developed by QSR International. All of the lab’s computers have Nvivo installed on them, and it is also available on the library computers. If you would like a demo of Nvivo please speak to Joe the Psychology Technician.

A short presentation introducing Nvivo can be found here. If you’d like a step by step guide to help you explore some of Nvivo’s basic features in your own time, please find a computer with Nvivo installed, and download the worksheet here.

Full details of Nvivo can be found on the manufacturer’s website, here.


The psychology lab has created an implementation of the online program, Cyberball. Further information about how to use and reference Cyberball can be found in the User Manual for Cyberball 4. The program can be accessed at the following link: . Please note that you will need to customise the URL to make it function in the way you desire – Joe the psychology technician can help you if you are unsure.

Calling L4, L5 and L6 students – win £50 for your views on university!

Here is an opportunity for all undergraduate students to tell us what you think of your time at university, and get entered into a draw to win a £50 voucher at the same time!

If you’re a Level 6 student you need to fill out the National Student Survey to get entered into the draw – and you’ve got until Midnight of 30 April to do it. You can do this right now by clicking on the black/grey NSS poster below.

If you’re a Level 4 or Level 5 student you need to fill out the Brighton Student Survey. You’ve got until midnight on 21 February to do this, so you’d better get your skates on! All the info is on Studentcentral – click the red/orange BSS poster below to go to studentcentral and get started!

Careers Fair 2015 – something for everyone!

Level 4, Level 5 or Level 6? Then the Careers Fair is for you. It is not specifically for final year students. Even though it may seem a long time off, what to do after university is not just something to think about when you’re about to leave! The Careers Fair can give you inspiration and help you see the opportunities that are out there for you, and might help you think about the type of dissertation you want to do to give you the best chance later on. There are more exhibitors than ever before, spread over 5 floors of the Amex Stadium in Falmer. The Careers Fair is Wednesday 4 November. Full details can be found here. If you are interested please sign up to the Facebook event for updates and information in the run up to the event, by clicking here.


Equipment guide – Voice recorders

Olympus VN712pc

The lab has a number of Olympus VN-712PC voice recorders which can be borrowed. They are very simple to use and give good quality recordings for interviews and focus groups.

They run on AAA batteries which we supply you with (battery life is around 70 hours). We can supply you with additional memory, but most people find the built in memory is fine – allowing between 131 and 823 hours depending on the quality setting. We can provide you with a USB cable that you can use to download your recordings to your computer, or Joe the psychology technician can put your recordings onto a USB stick if you’d prefer.

Download the user manual here.

If you would like to book one please speak to Joe the psychology technician, who will also make sure you are comfortable using it before booking it out to you.

SPSS and research methods help

Struggling with SPSS? At a loss with research methods?  As a first step please check out these films to help entering data, coding variables and carrying out statistical tests. You might need to enter your university login and password.

If these don’t help, Joe and Martina, the psychology technicians, are happy to offer  one-to-one drop in sessions, or a larger group session if you and some classmates are stuck the same topic and would to work as a group. Please contact a technician to book a slot.

Just to stress – if you are struggling with research methods or SPSS it is so much better to get help early on rather than waiting till exam/data analysis time, letting all the questions mount up, getting more and more confused – and finally realising you’ve got a mountain to climb and no more time. No question is too silly for the drop-ins! Often the questions you think are the silliest are the most useful ones to get clear in your head early on.

Want SPSS on your own computer?

Thinking about what dissertation to do?

Don’t worry if you’re stuck! I’ll be posting some guides before term starts about what the psychology lab can offer you in terms of dissertation support (stats support, equipment and facilities) which will also aim to give you an idea of the types of dissertations this will help you to think up.

In the meantime one suggestion I’d make if you’re stuck for inspiration is to go over the BPS Research Digest with a fine tooth comb, and subscribe to the newsletter! This is a really excellent resource with interesting cutting-edge research which you could think about developing further or taking in a new direction. If you scroll to the bottom of the screen in the BPS Research Digest, the categories allow you to select your area of interest. There are also links to more blogs with lots of ideas. Good luck!

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