Lab space

Note that the availability and use of lab space and equipment is subject to change in accordance with the COVID guidelines. 

Please note – This page is currently under construction and will be updated with information on the new Lab spaces soon.

Psychology staff and dissertation students can use their cards to get into the lab. If your card isn’t letting you in, you might need to update it at the card reader by the library entrance (hold the card at the reader until it flashes green).

To book lab space, contact the psychology technicians.

You can take the virtual tour below to see what spaces we offer. The images below are interactive – please click and drag to explore the lab spaces.

Above is the view of the lab as you enter the door. On your left you’ll find the teaching area. To your right you’ll see the experimental booths. Straight on is the Creative Methods Lab, Applied Cognition Lab and psychology technician office. Scroll down to explore in more detail…

Here is the teaching area, with high performance computers and a Smart whiteboard and projector, where psychology students can come for quiet study or group work. The psychology technicians also run small teaching sessions on lab equipment and software for groups of students. Students can also use it for their dissertations to present experiments to groups of people. One student explored how music affected concentration by playing music of different tempos to groups of students and measured how it impacted their performance on a concentration task, for example. You can also catch a glimpse of the experimental booths….

Scroll round to see inside one of the experimental booths. We have four this size, and two slightly larger ones. The booths are soundproof and temperature controlled. All booths contain a high-spec computer running SuperLab for computer presented experiments. They are also ideal for qualitative researchers to conduct private one-to-one interviews. The booths also have transcription software and pedals and audio recorders to help with recording and analysing interviews.

Here is the Applied Cognition Lab, which is home to our eye trackers and a sophisticated research-grade psychophysiology monitoring system.

Here is the Creative Methods lab, a multifunctional space which can be set up with hidden cameras and microphones and contains a 4K cinema display and high spec computer for Skype conferences, video and audio recording and editing, and much more! If you look down at the tables you’ll see some of the lab’s equipment we can lend to staff and students. The Creative Methods Lab is funded by the Transforming Sexuality and Gender research Cluster so their bookings take priority, but the space can also be used by staff and students.