Research training

Throughout the year, the PsychLab will run a series of workshops on recruitment using SONA, online surveys and online interviews. Workshop recordings and research materials will be uploaded to this page.

SONA, Qualtrics and Teams workshops (January 2021)

These workshops provide the training necessary for using software that will help you recruit participants fr your dissertation. Once you’ve worked through the materials, you can come to one of our drop in sessions where we’ll be able answer any questions you might have and provide 1-1 support.

Visit the contacts page to see info about the drop-in sessions. 

SONA + Qualtrics

We recommend that you work through these materials if your study includes an online survey.

SONA + Teams

Watch the videos below if your study is face-to-face (qualitative or quantitative) or if it involves an online interview or a focus group. The first video covers the basics of how to use SONA, the second video goes through how to use Teams for interviews and how to transcribe using Microsoft Stream.

File cleaner for transcripts can be accessed here:

Lab taster sessions (October 2021)

We have previously run taster workshops on eye-tracking, psychophysiological recordings (skin conductance, heart-rate, EEG), virtual Reality in psychology experiments, Computer experiments, Online surveys and Qualitative research.

Each sessions is about 20 minutes long and gives you the opportunity to learn more about the equipment and methods specific to your research project. These are small-group workshops (up to 5 people) which means we’ll have plenty of time to answer questions specific to each project.

These workshops don’t provide comprehensive training. The workshops are meant for students who feel like they would benefit from an overview of the relevant equipment and have some pointers on research design. Workshops that will train you up on the use of SONA and the online survey tool will be run throughout January. 

If you were not able to attend the workshops, video recordings of Online surveys and Qualitative research have ben uploaded to this page (see below).

If you think you might want to use some of this equipment for your 3rd dissertation, get in touch with us. We can advise you on the design of your study and how to make the best use of the kit available in the lab. We’re happy to meet with you online or in person.