Automatic transcription using MS Stream

MS Stream offers a way to transcribe data using automatic captions. The software allows you to download the captions and edit them for accuracy in order to create a coherent transcript of your data. You can follow the steps outlined below, and let us know if you have any questions.

If you recorded your interview or focus group using Teams…

Follow the university guidance outlined on the website below:

(scroll down to the Transcripts for Recorded Interviews section)

If you recorded your interview using other software or a voice recorder…

First follow the steps outlined in this document to convert and upload your file to MS Stream. Alternatively, the university also has access to Audacity, which you can use to convert audio files. Then follow the university guidance on the website below:

Manual transcription with a transcription pedal

An alternative option to automatic interview captions is transcribe your recording manually. We can provide tools to make the process a little quicker for you. You can book a transcription pedal for use in the lab. The pedal allows you to control the recording (e.g. play, pause, fast forward, rewind) with your feet, leaving your hands free to type without the interruption of having to play and pause the recording. In addition, we can also lend you a transcription software which can help you with automatic participant labelling, playback speed, and user-defined shortcuts for words or phrases. Please make sure to always book in advance by contacting us before coming to the lab to transcribe.