Tutorials: statistical analysis

The lab offers statistical analysis support for staff and dissertation students. If you’re a Level 4 and Level 5 student and you think you could use some help with stats, you should contact your seminar tutor or the module coordinator as soon as possible.

Level 6 students should always discuss their analysis plan with their supervisor before booking a meeting with us. We can arrange a one-to-one meeting as well as a small group tutorials on covering specific analyses. When booking a meeting, let us know whether you’d like to meet in-person or online.

We’ve also put together a few tutorials which you can work through to to jog your memory and complete your analysis. It’s always a good idea to first re-visit your course materials before accessing the additional information provided in the tutorials.

Something missing? Let us know if there is an additional analysis type  you would like us to cover and we’ll look into it.