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Drop-in sessions

Drop-in sessions are not running during the summer and will resume next term. 

Drop-in sessions are run in-person (in the lab) or on Teams. To attend the Teams drop-ins, you’ll need to join the lab’s group. The code for joining was published in an announcement on StudentCentral (MyStudies). If you can’t find it, drop us an e-mail and we’ll invite you to the group.

How does a drop-in work?

You don’t need to book in advance to attend a drop-in. For in-person drop-ins, just come to the lab and wait your turn to ask your questions. For Teams, join the meeting that is currently live in the lab’s group. You’ll be placed into a waiting room. The technician running the drop-in will let you into the meeting once it’s your turn.

Days and times of drop-ins for specific weeks are listed below. 

Unless otherwise specified, regular drop ins for each week are: 

    • There are currently no drop-in sessions scheduled. Please emails us if you have any questions.

Please note that these might change throughout the term, so always check the times here before attending.

Where is the lab located?

The lab is in the Watson Building on Falmer campus, room WB138 (first double door on your left as you enter the building from the campus). Dissertation students can access the lab at any time using their Unicard. First and second years please knock on the door of the lab and one of us will let you in.

While we try to help whenever we can, please note that we might not always have the capacity to provide support outside of the drop-in sessions if you haven’t booked a meeting in advance. We recommend that you always check our availability before coming to the lab.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jay and Martina
Psychology technicians