SPSS and research methods help

Struggling with SPSS? At a loss with research methods?  As a first step please check out these films to help entering data, coding variables and carrying out statistical tests. You might need to enter your university login and password.

If these don’t help, Joe and Martina, the psychology technicians, are happy to offer  one-to-one drop in sessions, or a larger group session if you and some classmates are stuck the same topic and would to work as a group. Please contact a technician to book a slot.

Just to stress – if you are struggling with research methods or SPSS it is so much better to get help early on rather than waiting till exam/data analysis time, letting all the questions mount up, getting more and more confused – and finally realising you’ve got a mountain to climb and no more time. No question is too silly for the drop-ins! Often the questions you think are the silliest are the most useful ones to get clear in your head early on.

Want SPSS on your own computer?