26th September 2014

A one-day conference organised by the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics and the Royal Institute of Philosophy for AS & A Level students interested in exploring a combination of classic and contemporary philosophical questions.

Professor Bob Brecher and Dr Michael Neu were joined by academics from Sussex, Oxford Brookes, Birmingham and Liverpool, exploring the ethics of interrogation and torture; the classical issue of whether or not we can know the difference between being awake and dreaming; what it means to live a ‘good life” in contemporary society; and a debate over if one can justify criticising the social and cultural practices of societies other than our own. Introducing students to a series of important contemporary issues, as well as perennial philosophical questions, the conference offered sixth-formers a rare opportunity to engage with academics researching in these fields.

The event was open to those taking Philosophy A Level, and those studying other subjects where ethical and philosophical questions form a component of study, such as Politics, RE and Sociology.

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