Michael Neu and Humanities Students, University of Brighton

Tuesday 28th October 2014


Orsod Malik, “Acknowledging privilege”

Phoebe Cooper, “Is social media complicit in everyday discriminatory practices?”

Oscar Stafford, “Conscientious objectors in the First World War”

Martina Vitartali, “Man, human nature, and other species”,

Dario Celaschi, “Why Trans*phobia and the presumptions of gender have come to be justified in everyday life”.

David Gould, “Discrimination and decentering the self”

With comments by Dave Martin and Tom Moulton

This first seminar in the new CAPPE evening seminar series will begin with a discussion of the subject of discrimination in everyday life with a series of contributions from University of Brighton Humanities students chaired by Michael Neu. We will then open up for contributions from the floor and a broader discussion.

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