Our work falls into four broad areas though our many research projects all engage with these key elements of our work:

  • Rethinking and critically engaging with the disciplines and practices of Philosophy and Politics with particular attention to the challenges we are presented with today;
  • Understanding emerging forms of politics and the challenges they present to critique. We have a long history of engagement with a range of social movements including populist, feminist, queer, climate change and anti-racist groups;
  • Learning from and contributing to new theoretical debates in critical theory, philosophy and politics;
  • Engaging with our local and global communities to foster interesting research, collegiality and mutual support.

Our current research output centres around the following themes:

Climate and Environmental Politics

Contemporary Populist Politics

Decolonising Politics

Disability Studies

Politics of Property

Rethinking Critical Theories

Social Democratic Politics in the 21st Century

The Politics of the Novel


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