CAPPE will host a range of events this academic year including:

  • Public lectures held online, and in person, and unifying the various strands of our work;
  • Conferences;
  • Workshops/Symposia relevant to all of our work;
  • Reading Groups for PhD students and Staff;
  • External Facing events including work with local bookshops and other third sector organisations;
  • Internal facing bid writing, academic writing and social events.

For online events please join our ‘CAPPE Events’ Microsoft Teams group here, where they will be held. Some events are catered and will require registering for, click on the event link where more information will be provided.

Please select below to see scheduled events:

Date Event Time Location
13th February Reading Group | Michel Deguy: between poet and philosopher 2-4pm Mithras House, 214
21st February Reading Group | Reading Chapter 3 of Enduring time by Lisa Barraitser 12:30pm-2:30pm Mithras House, G30
28th February Interventions Series | Disability, Social Construction, and the Disappearing Body
6pm-7:30pm Zoom
11th March CAPPE Reading Group | Week One: Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia 1pm-2:30pm TEAMS & Mithras House, 119
13th March Bid-Writing Session 1 9am-1pm Grand Parade, M2
18th March CAPPE Reading Group | Week Two: memory, aesthetics and politics 1pm-2:30pm Teams
27th March Interventions Series | Bridging the gap between Trade Unionism and the Disabled People’s Movement 6pm-7:30pm Zoom
15th April Does looting threaten hegemony? An analysis based on a Brazilian case: Guilherme Benzaquen 12:30pm-2:30pm Mithras House, G13 & Teams
16th April Workshop on Commemoration: between Aesthetics and Politics 10am-1pm Mithras House, G30 & Teams
22nd April CAPPE Reading Group | Week 4: Anti-Oedipus: section 3: Savages, Barbarians, Civilised Men, parts 1-5 1pm-2:30pm Teams & Mithras House 142
24th April Interventions Series | Productivity Versus Fruitfulness/ Collective Generativity 6pm-7:30pm Zoom
29th April CAPPE Reading Group | Week 5: Anti-Oedipus: section 3: Savages, Barbarians, Civilised Men, parts 6-11 1pm-2:30pm Teams & Room tbc
30th April Bodies of Politics: Visiting Professor Leszek Koczanowicz 9:30am-12pm Mithras House G30
30th April Global Fellow Talk: Argentina’s Current Disruption: the politics of Javier Milei, Professor Maria Esperanza Casullo 4pm-6pm Hellerup
1st May Bid-Writing Workshop: Publishing in Different Languages 2pm -3pm Mithras House G4
1st May Bid-Writing Workshop: Applying for and Conducting Research with Government Agencies 3:30pm- 4pm Mithras House G2
8th May CAPPE Bid-Writing Session 2: ITD Postponed Grand Parade, M2 & Teams
8th May PGR MayWrite: Session One 11am-12:30pm Mithras 118
9th  May Workshop: New Directions in Populism Research 2:30pm-6pm Design Lab, Room 111 Mithras House
10th May PhD workshop: Contemporary Politics: Challenges of Theory-Praxis nexus, 12pm-2pm Mithras House G5
15th May PGR MayWrite: Session Two 11am-12:30pm Mithras 218
21st May Sonic Rebellions II: Book Reading 3pm-4:30pm Mithras G8
22nd May PGR MayWrite: Session Three 11am-12:30pm Mithras 218
29th May PGR MayWrite: Session Four 11am- 12:30pm Mithras 218
29th- 30th May CAPPE X Newcastle University Symposium: Temporalities of Refusal Symposium All Day Frederick Douglass Centre, Newcastle University
31st May PGR MayWrite: MayWrite Celebration & Social 4pm-5:30pm Mithras 218
31st May CAPPE Reading Group: Care and Contemporary Violence: Rethinking Medusa in Adriana Cavarero’s Horrorism 11am-12pm CAPPE Transnational Reading Group Room: Microsoft Teams
4th-5th June Sonic Rebellions II All Day Edward Street
7th June Radical Disability Politics: A Global Dialogue 10am-6pm Zoom
13th June CAPPE X CTSG: Trans-Liberation and The Fight Against Transphobia 4pm-6pm City Campus, Grand Parade,  Room G4
18th -23rd June Philosophers and Writers in Discussion : Brighton Book Festival X CAPONEU All day programmes City Campus, Grand Parade
19th- 20th June Theorising Care Receiving in an Age of Crisis: Visiting Professor Lucile Richard 10:30am-12:30pm City Campus, Grand Parade, G63
1st- 3rd July Aesthetics Biopower and the Politics of Literature: Visiting Professor Azucena Blanca tbc tbc
tbc The Political and Aesthetic Implications of Non-Identity: Visiting Scholar Alexandra van Laeken 2pm-4pm tbc
tbc Celebrating CAPPE Research with Doctoral Students and Staff tbc tbc
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