CAPPE will host a range of events this academic year including:

  • Public lectures held online, and in person, and unifying the various strands of our work;
  • Conferences;
  • Workshops/Symposia relevant to all of our work;
  • Reading Groups for PhD students and Staff;
  • External Facing events including work with local bookshops and other third sector organisations;
  • Internal facing bid writing, academic writing and social events.

Please select below to see scheduled events:

Date Event Time Location
13th February Reading Group | Michel Deguy: between poet and philosopher 2-4pm Mithras House, 214
21st February Reading Group | Reading Chapter 3 of Enduring time by Lisa Barraitser 12:30pm-2:30pm Mithras House, G30
28th February Interventions Series | Disability, Social Construction, and the Disappearing Body
6pm-7:30pm Zoom
11th March CAPPE Reading Group | Week One: Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia 1pm-2:30pm TEAMS & Mithras House, 119
13th March Bid-Writing Session 1 9am-1pm Grand Parade, M2
18th March CAPPE Reading Group | Week Two: memory, aesthetics and politics 1pm-2:30pm Teams
27th March Interventions Series | Bridging the gap between Trade Unionism and the Disabled People’s Movement 6pm-7:30pm Zoom
15th April Does looting threaten hegemony? An analysis based on a Brazilian case: Guilherme Benzaquen 12:30pm-2:30pm Mithras House, G13 & Teams
16th April Workshop on Commemoration: between Aesthetics and Politics 10am-1pm Mithras House, G30
22nd April CAPPE Reading Group | Week 4: Anti-Oedipus: section 3: Savages, Barbarians, Civilised Men, parts 1-5 1pm-2:30pm Teams & Room tbc
29th April CAPPE Reading Group | Week 5: Anti-Oedipus: section 3: Savages, Barbarians, Civilised Men, parts 6-11 1pm-2:30pm Teams & Room tbc
8th May Bid-Writing Session 2 9am-5pm Grand Parade, M2
4th-5th June Sonic Rebellions II All Day Edward Street, 309
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