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The Reinvigorated Social Model of Disability

14  December 2022 online Ellen Clifford  Disabled people in the UK have been subjected to brutal, targeted attacks by government since 2010, largely concealed from the public through spin, lies and strategic U-turns. In 2016 the UN found the UK… Continue Reading →

Activist Struggles During Bolsonaro’s Government in Brazil  

By Roxana Pessoa Cavalcanti, Guilherme Benzaquen, and Giovana Zucatto Throughout Bolsonaro’s government, Brazil experienced protests and disputes against the government’s mishandling of responses to the COVID19 pandemic and, against attempts to escalate authoritarian practices that promote extractive capitalism at the… Continue Reading →

Interfere Journal – Inaugural Issue

Cosmopolitan Radicalism – Zeina Maasri

Against Free Speech – Anthony Leaker

The Populist Manifesto – Andy Knott & Emmy Eklundh

Towards An Improper Politics – Mark Devenney

Just War and the Responsibility to Protect: A Critique – Robin Dunford & Michael Neu

The Political Ontology of Giorgio Agamben – German Primera

Debord, Time and Spectacle – Tom Bunyard

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